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Eight days before election day, 55 percent of Chaffee County voters have already voted.   As of the end of the day Monday, Oct. 26, 8277 mail ballots have been returned and 75 people have walked up to vote in person, for a total of 8352 votes of the county’s total 15,031 registered voters.

With cold and snow throughout most of the day, Chaffee Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell said that her crew was on top of the situation; “They waited on in-person voters today like we were carhops. We will do that in the morning as well.”

Chaffee County will open its drive-through vote center in front of the Chaffee County Administration Building at 104 Crestone Ave at 12:00 noon Tuesday, “after it warms up a bit”.

Affiliation     Active Registered  Mail ballots   in-person      Total          %

Democrats         3969                            2749                    11                   2760          70%

Republicans      4566                            2367                     23                  2390          52%

Unaffiliated       6404                           3086                     36                  3122          49%

Libertarian           135                                51                        3                     54            40%

On Monday, says Mitchell, “a whole new set of Election Judges started today and did an awesome job.  They are removing the ballots from the envelopes and making batches that will be scanned beginning Wednesday.”

Chaffee voters who need a ballot can come to a Chaffee County vote center to pick one up.  Voters can call ahead and pick one up curbside.

“We now recommend that voters return their ballots by a drop-box and not putting them in the mail,” added Mitchell.  “Postmarks do not count and we need to have their ballot By 7:00 p.m. on Nov 3rd,”