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Walking around the fairgrounds getting to speak to some of the local 4-H youth today was a pure joy for me. Everyone proudly spoke about their animals and filled me with all kinds of facts that I mostly did not know.  So now I know that whether is what one calls a neutered male sheep.  That it is extremely important to keep one’s hog under a cool mist of water because they do no sweat.

Turkeys have really large feet. I attempted to learn as much as possible about how to show a turkey, not that I’ll ever participate in showing a turkey. I’m just curious about the best practice to raise a turkey and how to get a turkey from point A to point B.

I also learned that black Angus cattle are mostly mixed with some other cattle breeds. The Colorado State University does ultra sound on the animals to determine their fat content. The 4-Hers get to typically sell one of their animals they are showing at the Saturday auction. If they are showing more than one animal and win grand champion for one of those animals they they get to sell two at the auction. One young lady reported that if she sells her hog she puts the money toward purchasing feed.

I’m a little confused on the auction part as turkeys seemed to have different rules than the number of hogs that can be sold at the upcoming auction. And yes, there are rabbits, and I have been following Keygan Rohrich for 3 years with his soft fuzzy bunnies. He is such a delight to speak to. He knows everything about rabbits and will gladly explain what it is like to raise and show a these adorable creatures.

Hope all you readers come out to enjoy the fair while it is going on this week.  See you at the fair!

Photos: by Sandy Hobbs

Rosalyne Cope with her wether -male lamb, Charbre. This is Rosalyne’s fourth year in 4-H. She belongs to the Hub Club 4-H. Rosalyne reports that training her lamb was hard in the beginning, but once she gained his trust is was easier to work with him. She also states the name Charbre in Irish means he who rides a chariot.

Rosalyne Cope air drying her freshly washed yearling lamb Charbre.

The Cope family. Left to right, Evelyne, Rosalyne, Scott and Madelyne.

Kason Westphal with his hogs, Shotgun and Pistol.

Oh hogwash, just a pile of napping hogs.

Shae Lewis misting Steel.

Quin Lewis brushing her hog.

A creative 4-H swine poster designed by owners of the 3 pigs.

Emma the Hampshire pig being washed by her owner Maci Pridmore. Emma weighs in at 233 lbs. and is 7 months old. Maci is a member of the Mt. Shavano Rangers 4-H.

Ethan Burkley washing Jhett his yearling Black Angus steer. Ethan is a member of Sand Park 4-H.

Finnigan Blackburn with his broad breasted bronze turkey.

Brothers Finnigan and Eoin Blackburn with their 5 month old turkeys. The boys belong to Hub Club 4-H

I got some pointers today on how to walk a turkey.

Poultry judge John Baker congratulating Finnigan on his 3rd place showman award.

Molly McMurry proudly displays her grand champion showman award. She is a member of the Hub Club 4-H. Molly also won grand champion junior showman with her colorful chicken, Cluck Morris.

Keygan and Sidney Rohrich taking a lunch break before showing of the rabbits. This is Keygan’s 3rd year showing rabbits. His sister’s duck won grand champion earlier in the day.

Body language of a rabbit.


Keygan Rohrich and his prize rabbit.