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The Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District board of directors will meet at 1 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 10, at the Water Enterprise Building, 339 E. U.S. Highway 50 in Salida.

Board members will first meet as the Water Activity Enterprise Committee to hear financial reports, an augmentation report and a water storage report.

Other Enterprise Committee business will be deferred to the monthly board of directors meeting, which will convene immediately after the committee meeting. Agenda items for the board meeting include:

  • A presentation on the U.S. Geological Survey Water Balance Study.
  • An update on the Fremont County Transportation Dept. augmentation agreement.
  • An update on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife water rights analysis and potential augmentation agreement.
  • A legislative update from consultant Ken Baker.
  • Project updates.
  • Education updates.
  • A report from the Resume Review Committee, which reviews Division 2 Water Court filings.
  • An engineering report.
  • A legal report concerning district oppositions and updates.
  • A water commissioner report.
  • Financial reports.

At the conclusion of the board meeting, Upper Ark district directors will consider an executive session to receive legal advice and for staff and consultants to receive direction on negotiations with the Colorado Water Conservation Board in Division 2 Water Court Case 17CW3037.

The case seeks to change the water rights that were previously changed by the Town of Poncha Springs in Case No. 07CW111 from irrigation use to direct flow and storage for the Town of Poncha Springs’ municipal uses.

The Upper Ark district operates plans for augmentation that replace water depleted by out-of-priority uses. In this case, the district seeks to change the Poncha Springs water rights to include their use as a source of replacement water in addition to existing decreed uses.