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Who takes doors? Apparently, someone who decided that doors on the offices of the Chaffee County Assessor’s Office aren’t necessary items.

Overnight on Sunday night, April 4 someone broke into the Chaffee County Administration Building and removed multiple office doors within the secured area of the Assessors Office. When Chaffee County Assessor Brenda Mosby and her staff arrived at the office on Monday morning, the office doors were missing.

“I know, you roll your eyes and say ‘what on earth?’” said Chaffee Public Affairs Officer Beth Helmke. “They were surprised to say the least. It is apparently a dispute between a contractor and their subcontractor, and nothing to do with us.”

Except — the doors are missing.

The Chaffee County Administration Building, located at 104 Crestone Ave. in Salida, has been undergoing renovations since last year, including some major office renovations. The improvement items include replacing the windows and doors on the offices within the secured area of the Assessor’s Office. For those who have never needed to do business in the Assessor’s Office, it is on the second floor of the art deco building.

“The Salida Police Department is investigating, but the dispute is between the contractor and the sub, not with us,” clarified Helmke, who added that the missing doors are on internal offices in the department. The main hall door to the Chaffee Assessor’s department, remains exactly where it is supposed to be.

The building has security, and the county was able to provide a surveillance tape of the intruding door-snatchers to the Salida Police Department (SPD) and the SPD is investigating. Although Ark Valley Voice has reached out to them, there is no word yet on whether any arrests have been made.