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The United States reached a milestone today that few of us wished to see: the number of deaths from the coronavirus known as COVID-19 passed 100,000. As of this afternoon, there were (briefly) 100,715 dead — in just 11 weeks.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Buena Vista. CO. Image courtesy of ‘Find a Grave’.

The numbers went from just two fatalities in February, to more than 58,000 by the end of April, to this stunning 100,000 threshold — and May isn’t yet over. Of the number of dead, 18 lived here in Chaffee County.

We are a country with just five percent of the global population — and we now account for more than one-third of the world’s pandemic deaths.

For those right-wing and extremist groups who still insist upon describing COVID-19 as a hoax, and nothing serious: tell that to the families of the dead.

Tell that to those of us who have lost loved ones. Tell that to those who couldn’t be by the side of their loved ones, holding their hand, telling them they were loved. Couldn’t even hold a funeral to mourn their passing. Didn’t even live in a country that mourned with its citizens.

Some perspective, the number of dead from COVID-19 so far — equals more than 33 9-11s. Where this will end, no one knows.