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With the Colorado Primary Election coming up June 28, some of the same questions are being asked again now, that were asked before the 2020 General Election.

These answers have been provided by the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Image of U.S. voting booths. Photo courtesy of

Question: why does the Buena Vista Polling Center open on June 27, a week after the Salida Polling Center; only one day before the Primary?

Answer: For a Primary Election, Chaffee County is only required to have one Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) open in the county. But the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder’s Office feels that doesn’t serve our county as well as we like. So we open a second VSPC in BV on the day before Election Day and on Election Day. Those two days are by far the busiest. Routinely, we have less than 10 people vote in person at a VSPC for an entire week as most voters choose to vote their mail ballot.

Note that the General Election does require two or more voting locations. Chaffee County has traditionally set up voting locations at the County Clerk’s Office, at the auxiliary county building in Buena Vista, at the Coutny Fiar grounds, and in 2020 added another site at the Scout Hut in Salida.

Question: At the LAT, will the election judges be able to test the Dominion machine for wireless capability and determine the software has no code allowing multiple imaging?

Answer: The voting equipment is not hooked to the internet; repeat, there is NO internet connection. “LAT” stands for Public Logic and Accuracy Test. Election Judges and the County perform the test of the voting equipment and the scheduled test was Friday, May 28. Republican judge Kathy Rogers participated in the LAT along with Democratic representative Theresa Cortese (both were from the judges’ list provided by the Chaffee County Republicans and Chaffee County Democrats).

All LAT procedures are spelled out in Colorado Statutes and Rules. The county follows the law and both representatives signed off on the Statement of Qualifications for the Voting System.

For more information about the major dates related to the primary election visit this Ark Valley Voice news story.