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The Lake County Tourism Panel (LCTP) announced on Wednesday that Adam Ducharme has joined the county as its Tourism Manager.

The Panel went through a selective interview process alongside a member of the Board of County Commissioners and ultimately chose Ducharme. In their selection announcement, they noted that “Adam brings a deep understanding of the tourism and hospitality industries and leadership experience gained through his agency and brand marketing experience. Adam will be employed with Lake County as the Tourism Panel’s first full-time manager. Adam will help protect the identity of Lake County while welcoming responsible visitation to our community.”

Adam Ducharme has been named the new Lake County Tourism Manager.

As tourism and revenues from lodging taxes increase, the Lake County Tourism Panel is looking for strong leadership in managing and deploying these revenues to meet the mission of the LCTP. Tourism is Lake County’s main economic driver, providing regional financial sustainability through the increased lodging and sales tax brought by visitors.

The current panel of seven volunteers from the tourism industry and a representative from the county government chose a new manager who shares the value of integrating best practices in local tourism management, with a focus on preserving the local community members’ way of life.

Ducharme will provide leadership and strategic direction of lodging tax dollars and grants through day-to-day communications, business and event support, marketing materials development, strategic planning, and administrative tasks.

“I am extremely excited to serve Lake County in this new role.  I started my career working in the hotels, shops, and restaurants in the small mountain town of Lincoln, New Hampshire as the Assistant Manager of a 150-room hotel called Pollard Brook,” said Ducharme. “Our mission was to create a balance of welcoming visitors to Lincoln while also keeping in mind the needs and desires of residents and business owners.”

“This is the same spirit and ethos I took into my video work with the Lake County Tourism Panel in 2021,” said Ducharme. “I am inspired to continue to make tourism sustainable for our visitors as well as our community members here in Lake County.”

“We are delighted to have Adam join our efforts to promote sustainable Tourism here in Lake County at this critical time,” said Lake County Commissioner Sarah Mudge. “Tourism is thriving in Lake County, and the timing is perfect to focus our efforts on making this growth sustainable for our community and our precious natural resources that we all enjoy. For more than a decade, Adam has been working on the skills and projects that will benefit our county in this new role. We are excited to have his expertise and perspective as we build the future of tourism in Lake County.”

Lake County is home to Leadville, the highest incorporated city in North America, and the village of Twin Lakes. Considered “the Rockies Playground,” the Lake County Tourism Panel uses three pillars to capture the essence of these destinations: “Top of the Rockies – Majestic Beauty & Outdoor Adventure”; “Genuine & Historic Mountain Towns”; and “Welcoming, Gritty Community Spirit”.

The LCTP manages the community’s tourism efforts as a dedicated group of volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) who are committed to managing and promoting tourism in Lake County, Colorado. The LCTP operates with an overarching priority to preserve and enhance the local community member’s quality of life.  It is funded by Lake County lodging taxes and markets Lake County through advertising, promotional media, and public relations.

As tourism has increased across Lake County, the panel is shifting its efforts to focus on sustainable tourism, responsible recreation, and local business outreach in addition to promoting tourism to people who are most likely to appreciate, and care for, Leadville and Twin Lakes. The Panel is dedicated to sustainably growing tourism in partnership with local businesses that depend on tourism and with the community.

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