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On Nov. 19, Alamosa County was notified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that Alamosa County will move to Level Red on the State’s COVID-19  Dial as of 5:00 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 22,  according to Linda Smith, San Luis Valley EPR Coordinator with the San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership.

Alamosa’s COVID-19 risk measures have corresponded for several weeks with Level Red, which indicates severe risk, a press release stated.
“We understand that you have all been working hard over the past week to adjust to our move from yellow to orange, and this next move has come more quickly than we anticipated,” Smith said. “Just in the past week, we reached a new record for COVID-related hospitalizations locally, and the same thing is playing out around the state,” she added.

Some things will not change with the move from Orange to Red.

Child care facilities may continue to operate.

Critical and non-critical retail businesses may operate at up to 50 percent capacity, with increased curbside pickup, delivery, and dedicated hours for seniors and at-risk customers encouraged.

Indoor worship services may continue at 25 percent capacity or up to 50 people, whichever is fewer, and with distancing observed between household groups.

Those at risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should stay at home. The list of those at risk was recently revised to include pregnant women and smokers.

A partial list of things that will change in moving from Orange to Red are these:

  • No personal gatherings
  • Places of worship and life rites: For indoor events, 25 percent capacity or 50 persons, whichever is fewer, with distancing. Six feet of distance between parties outdoors.
  • Restaurants: Indoor dining closed. Takeout, curbside, delivery, or to go, only. Outdoor dining with groups of own household open.
  • Offices may operate at 10 percent capacity, with remote work preferred.
  • Gyms may operate at 10 percent capacity with up to 10 persons per room, reservations required.
  • Indoor events and entertainment are closed.

“This is not a complete list. Since Alamosa County’s move to Orange was less than one week ago, we encourage all businesspersons and community leaders to familiarize themselves with the changing restrictions by referring to the attached chart or going directly to the State’s COVID-19 Dial website,” Smith added.

“The next few weeks promise to be challenging for all of us,” Smith commented. “Please know that your efforts and sacrifices you are making are critical for the safety of community members. Our healthcare system is feeling the stress. Thank you to everyone for pulling together while we work to bring this down and wait for a vaccine to become widely available,” Smith added.

Holidays can be stressful to many in the best of times. If you need some extra support this season, with everything that has come with this pandemic, please reach out. The Colorado Spirit Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) offers community-based crisis counseling, help with disaster coping strategies, education, and more. Get information here or call 719-587-5673.