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February 9, 2019

To the Chaffee County Commissioners and the Planning Commission:

The area proposed for Centerville Ranch is part of the magnificent open space that makes Chaffee County exceptionally beautiful. It would be a shame to build a 500-acre subdivision on that peaceful pastureland.

Chaffee County has been growing quickly, and subdivisions of this size should be close to an already developed area near an existing town. This is exactly where subdivisions belong—close to schools, shopping, doctors and many essential businesses. Imagine the amount of traffic generated by 210 homes, whose residents will often need to drive to Buena Vista or Salida for those services. That makes no sense.

I’m at a loss to understand how our county leaders could justify approving this project. Of course, the developer plans to make a lot of money, but that should not supersede our commitment to preserving our scenic open lands. The developer can propose a subdivision in a much more appropriate location and still make plenty of money.

Please give careful consideration to the consequences (both known and unforeseen) of this poorly conceived use of our precious land.

Thank you.

Diane Alexander
Buena Vista