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A recent update from the Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF) provided that a total of $12,000 has been raised for the Emergency Response Fund (ERF), created at the height of the Decker Fire. The ERF was established as a permanent Emergency Response Fund to give individuals and businesses who want to contribute to emergency response in Chaffee County, the mechanism to do so.

Earlier this month, the Colorado Health Foundation made a donation of $5,000 to the Emergency Response Fund, bringing the ERF to a total of $12,000.

CCCF Executive Director Joseph Teipel issued the following statement, “The response from the County leadership has been so good that the needs for ERF fund money for Decker fire response has not surfaced yet. So for now, this money is being held to make sure that it is available for future planning, preparedness, and response needs related to disasters and emergencies.”

Teipel continued, “We are communicating and coordinating with the core County Response team about the best use of funds, decision-making frameworks, and any needs that may arise related to Decker.”

The Decker Fire had been the immediate situation underlying the creation of the CCCF Emergency Response Fund, intended to support both response and recovery, as appropriate and as needed. It is envisioned that the use of the funds will be coordinated with Chaffee County government officials, nonprofits and Salida relief stakeholders.

To give to the Emergency Response Fund, click here to be taken directly to CCCF’s Donor Portal and the Emergency Response Fund page. Or, mail a check to PO Box 492, Buena Vista, CO 81211 and add a note in the memo line, “Emergency Response Fund.”

To make an appreciated stock transfer, a qualified distribution from your IRA, or use another giving method, please contact CCCF at (719) 204-5071 or

CCCF leaders say that the foundation will not charge any administrative fees for this permanent emergency fund, and donations are tax-deductible.