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Ballots arrived in mailboxes on Thursday and at least a few voters appeared to be wasting no time in turning them back in. The Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder’s Office reported that it received 38 ballots back on Thursday.

There are no trends to report yet in this horse race.  Of the ballots returned, 12 were from registered Democrats, 13 from registered Republicans, and 13 from unaffiliated voters.

As of the end of the day, October 20, these are the Chaffee County voter registration numbers:

Total                15, 508        %

Democrat         3,898     25.2

Republican       4,220     27.2

Unaffiliated       7,152     46.1

Other                    238       1.5

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office had no updates to their election activity schedule to report. Once voting begins, the office issues a report each day to the news media of how many people voted that day (tallied by votes received), broken down by party affiliation. If there are updates to the total registered voters, the news media receives that as well.