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Owners of Anytime Fitness in Poncha Springs, Daniel “Sach” Sachtleben and Roxanne Sachtleben, began their business journey with hopes of tailoring a new kind of fitness to Chaffee County needs. Their business is the Heart of the Rockies Anytime Fitness located at 9985 D Hwy 50 in Poncha Springs.

Anytime Fitness located in Poncha Springs Photo Courtesy of the Sachtleben’s.

What began three years ago as a possible business adventure while they were living in Conifer, convinced the Sachtleben’s to uproot themselves from corporate life on Colorado’s Front Range. The Sachtleben’s and Manager Keith Wyatt gave a tour of the new building and sat for an interview with Ark Valley Voice.

Sach shared a little about why the couple was interested in Salida, “We wanted to look for something that was more in line with our values. We really wanted to bring our [two] boys down here, so that they would really have a community to grow up in.”

He continued, “As we were investigating different options available down here and also what we had known through recreating [in Chaffee County] for so many years, that the valley really needed a 24-7, extensive, state-of-the-art fitness facility.”

“It began with research and speaking with corporate at Anytime Fitness about what it requires and entails to run an Anytime Fitness,” said Sach about the beginning stages of their business. The closer we got to making that decision, we started to sell our house, move down here and make it happen.”

Anytime Fitness owner Roxanne with sons, River (Left)  and Max (right) during the building of their business. Photo courtesy of the Sachtleben’s.

Roxanne added, “It was a combination of wanting to raise our kids down here and that we were also members of our Anytime Fitness in Conifer. When that Anytime Fitness went through a rebrand, where the color scheme that you can see throughout the gym, the cute signage, was something we realized we were really in line with.”

“My husband and I had the opportunity to escape the corporate world as I was always on airplanes. I was never really with our kids and was traveling every week,” she continued.

“Now, I get to be home with the kids too. We get to own this [business] and be with our kids more,” said Roxanne.

The goals of bringing an Anytime Fitness to Chaffee County, said , Sachtleben, were personal and in recognition of community need.

“Our main goals were a couple of things. We wanted to deliver on a need before we moved down here. We saw there were a couple of needs before we moved down here, and it was childcare and a 24-7 gym. Both of us felt like we could do the gym thing. We have been long time gym-goers and so we felt like maybe we could go with the Anytime Fitness model because we were going to be able to improve our work-life balance and spend more time with our kids.”

The Sachtleben’s shared that they had been in contact with several trainers and instructors eager to work for the new

location in Poncha Springs as representatives of the health and fitness industry.  “The next thing we know, we can look up and see our sharp, energetic, and professional team of personal trainers, class instructors and facility managers that we believe is second to none. Roxanne and I call them our dream team.”

Anytime Fitness Team Poncha Springs. Pictured Trainers Caroline Ofenstein, Jeremy Morse, Eric Johnson, Marsha Brown, Helen Walser. Not Pictured: Stephanie Amend. (Photo by Taylor Sumners)

The Heart of the Rockies Anytime Fitness is proud of their hardworking staff comprised of trainers, instructors and their management team. Trainers include Caroline Ofenstein, Jeremy Morse, and Member Experience Manager/trainer Eric Johnson. The Anytime fitness location in Poncha Springs hosts various classes instructed by Marsha Brown for yoga, Helen Walser in Pilates, and  Stephanie Amend for spin classes.

Running a 24-7 gym is not just on those who work there explained Roxanne, “The members really are half of it. They have to help us take care of the space because it’s not staffed 24-7.

They can’t be opening the door for people, but that is something we are all going to have to get used to because people are polite and want to do the right thing.”

She continued, “For security purposes, we have to know who is in the building at any given time. That’s how we make 24-7 work. It’s a lot of technology.” The Anytime Fitness 24-7 operation does entail an abundance of technology, a tailgating counter at the door, security cameras, and fob keys for door entry.

Anyone looking to join the Anytime Fitness family becomes a member of more than 4,000 locations nationwide. Sach explained that the reciprocity agreement is one of the most vital parts to the Anytime Fitness model.

Anytime Fitness in Poncha Springs. (Courtesy Photo)

Sach continued, “It’s an airtight model that is a franchise, but locally owned and operated. We have been down here for several years, our kids are in the Salida school system, we are here for good.”

The Sachtleben’s look forward to meeting whoever walks next through their doors and helping residents reach their fitness goals and needs. Those looking for more information can contact the Anytime Fitness in Poncha Springs by calling (719) 626-2121 or visiting their website.