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Are you a “U”?

By now you have probably received a ballot for the upcoming primary gubernatorial election here in Colorado. For those of us who are “U’s” – unaffiliated voters – this is a new development. We never received a ballot for a primary in previous elections. Now we will.

This message is to encourage you to use this new power you have in choosing our next governor for the state of Colorado. More and more issues, fiscal responsibilities and decisions are being passed on to the states. Who will be our next governor is very important.

There is plenty of information for the various candidates from both parties. The news networks (especially Channel 9) from Denver have covered the campaigns and have a lot of information on their websites. There are other outlets for information as well, including Several of the candidates have visited Salida. They know our city is important. Your vote is important.

Please vote, it counts. Remember, vote for ONE candidate. Throw the other ballot away.

Thank you,
PJ Bergin