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The Ray Foundation has made what the Ark-Valley Humane Society calls “a generous grant” to Ark-Valley Humane Society (AVHS). The $30,000 grant for veterinary expenses comes at an important time for AVHS and will help the shelter continue to provide quality medical care to shelter animals and offer assistance to community pets.

“This substantial grant funding from Ray Foundation will support Ark-Valley Humane Society in providing life-saving veterinary services to hundreds of dogs and cats this year,” said AVHS Executive Director, Amber van Lueken.

“We are excited to have this support so that we can continue to fight pet overpopulation through our spay and neuter efforts, while ensuring every animal in our care receives quality medical care, including vaccinations, diagnostics, medications, and surgeries, prior to finding loving homes through adoption.”

Courtesy Image.

In 2022, 293 shelter animals were spayed or neutered in the shelter’s care. This included 71 feline spays, 105 feline neuters, 52 canine spays, and 65 canine neuters. In addition to this, 17 animals received specialized medical surgeries including dental extractions and mass removals.

Additionally, 231 community pets received spay or neuter surgeries at low to no cost to the owners. 92 cats, 31 pit bull and pit bull mixes, and eight other dog breeds belonging to low-income individuals were spayed or neutered.

All of the pet owners were offered the option to have their pets receive a microchip and vaccinations at no additional cost to them. 100 community cats went through our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to help prevent unwanted litters from being born to outdoor cats. All of these cats received appropriate vaccinations and a left ear tip (which is the universal sign for TNR).

The Ark-Valley Humane Society was founded in 1991, and it advocates for the welfare of all animals through compassion and care. With a Live Release Rate of 98 percent, Ark-Valley Humane Society is dedicated to providing each animal with the care they deserve and the hope for a second chance. In 2022 AVHS sheltered 677 dogs and cats. More than 1,833 animals were helped through their programs and services. Their vision: a future that is a safe and humane world for all companion animals.

Featured image: kittens awaiting adoption at the Ark-Valley Humane society. Courtesy image.