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Readers of Ark Valley Voice (AVV) know that we have made it as easy as possible for our readers to get the news and information they need to make decisions about their daily lives.  Now AVV has made a new, daily news compilation delivered directly to your email inbox.

AVV began with the belief that truth should have a voice, and news should not have to be purchased. We have lived that belief by offering fact-based, unbiased, real-time news available at; any time of the day. You can go directly to our press room to get the latest news stories presented as stories go live throughout the day.

For those who prefer to ‘live’ on social media, we post nearly every story on Facebook and Instagram as well; so that story-by-story, you can receive information on your preferred platform.

For those who enjoy a Sunday morning digest, AVV created the AVV Sunday AM Newsblast — containing the entire week’s news, delivered to your inbox, perhaps to enjoy over a leisurely cup of coffee.

AVV innovated again in early February, creating a daily, eblast at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, containing all the stories we put out that day. That’s right … this includes local news on a Saturday.

Readers can look to the right-hand column next to this article and sign up to receive either the new AVV Daily delivery or the Sunday AM Newsblast.

As an independent, free, digital news media, Ark Valley Voice is a  proud member of the Colorado Press Association and the Colorado Media Collaborative. Readers should know that investigative, unbiased, and fact-based journalism takes a lot of time, money, and hard work to produce. Our operating budget is based on advertising, grants, and donations and we welcome reader support.