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Today the all-important NewsMatch Give Campaign begins for Ark Valley Voice. Having become a nonprofit news organization earlier this year, and with an award-winning four-year track record, this is our most critical giving appeal of the year.

If we raise $15,000 in donations from our community between today and December 31, 2022, we will receive a national NewsMatch grant of $15,000 from the Lenfest Institute, through our membership in the Institute for Nonprofit News.

This is a big deal — it is the largest grant we have ever been selected to receive, and it is an acknowledgment of our professional standards.

The AVV NewsMatch campaign runs from November 15 through December 31, 2022. Every dollar donated will be matched by the Institute for Nonprofit News.

Not only are all donations to AVV now tax-deductible — this means that every donation to AVV will be doubled;  every dollar is worth double your gift — making your support go further than ever.

Readers know that all donations to AVV support our working journalists. We offer free, fact-based news to all, not just those who can afford to pay. We believe that in a democracy, all people have a right to the news and information to help them make decisions about their lives. So we deliver it digitally — six days a week, so that everyone with a mobile phone, tablet or computer can read it.

Our role is to hold the government accountable, highlight issues and explore injustices that need public attention, and call attention to what is working and worth celebrating — as well as what isn’t going well. In short – journalists are integral to democracy – and readers and donors are central to that truth.

As a reader, you know that our range of stories covers the topics most important to you. Not just local government and land use, health care, education, business, entertainment and the arts, but we investigate — we explore the important issues facing this place we call home. Issues like the impacts of climate change and water allocation, how to manage growth, housing shortages, and the region’s growing behavioral health challenges.

Ark Valley Voice doesn’t tell you what to think, but we hope we give you things to think about. If you’ve been on the sidelines, we hope you will become a contributing member to AVV during this NewsMatch Give Challenge. Just click on the donate button on this page. We need your support — by participating, this makes you part of the all-important Ark Valley Voice mission to give truth a voice.