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Ark Valley Voice is 48 Percent of the way to the Goal and Needs Your Support

On the eve of Colorado Gives Day Tuesday, December 5, tax-deductible donations to the Ark Valley Voice Newsmatch Challenge have just hit $7,200. We are 48 percent of the way to our goal to reach $15,000 in donations by December 31, 2023.

If we can reach that goal, we’ll qualify to receive a $15,000 NewsMatch grant from foundations working with the Institute for Nonprofit News, and another $5,000 grant from the Colorado NewsMatch funded by the Gates Family Foundation and the Rose Community Foundation.

While this is the all-important NewsMatch Challenge month, tomorrow is special — it’s Colorado Gives Day. We hope that, even if you’ve never given before, tomorrow, you’ll consider the role Ark Valley Voice plays in protecting democracy by giving truth a voice and donate if you can.

Right now, every 100 percent tax-deductible donation will be tripled by the two grants we are working to earn —  tripling your gift and making it triple impactful. A $10/month recurring donation becomes $120 over the year, and if set up this month, grant matches to that donation will transform it into $360.

This year’s Colorado Press Association First Amendment Award was presented to AVV Publisher and Managing Editor Jan Wondra.

NewsMatch Donations Fund Journalists

Here’s why every donation is both greatly appreciated — and critical to this newsroom. As an independent, nonprofit newsroom, Ark Valley Voice (AVV) is a public service. Donations are an important budget component. Every penny goes to pay our professional journalists.

We publish freely-accessible news six days a week. Our entire news site is open to all and there is nothing behind any firewalls.

Award-winning AVV journalists work hard, delivering fact-based news. They attend government meetings, ask the hard questions, investigate, and do in-depth reporting on your behalf as a public service — because the public has a right to know.

Local Fact-based News Supports Democracy

As I said the night this past fall when we accepted the state’s most prestigious news award, the Colorado First Amendment Award from the Colorado Press Association, “We believe Democracy is worth defending.”

Think back on the news stories we’ve broken this past year, covering the childcare crisis over the sudden closure of the Schoolhouse … continued coverage of the county housing crisis … the Scott sexual assault trials, the controversy over AR-15-armed men on F Street, the attempts by outside groups to insert themselves into our local elections.

Then consider the many upcoming local issues and the contentious 2024 election year that lies ahead. Democracy needs news, and this nonprofit newsroom not only needs your support —  Ark Valley Voice is uniquely connected to the public good.

If our reporting has informed and impacted how you understand local issues, if you also believe that democracy is worth defending, then we hope you’ll consider joining this special NewsMatch challenge. This is #NewsCONeeds.