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As of this morning, Ark Valley Voice (AVV) can report that we have made our $15,000 NewsMatch Challenge. The Institute for Nonprofit News is still tabulating the final numbers and checks, but we received their message this morning that the final donations to AVV through PayPal have put us over the top; qualifying us for the $15,000 match.

Our gratitude is enormous. As we head into the new year, we’re reflecting on the amazing community of readers who helped us not just reach our NewsMatch goal of $15,000 in community donations — but apparently also exceed that number, as well as qualify for an additional $4,000 democracy grant from an anonymous donor through the Miami Foundation.

By investing in Ark Valley Voice, you’ve reassured us that our journalism makes a difference, and there’s nothing more inspiring to us than that.

Your gifts go to pay our working journalists who provide local coverage of news and issues that are shaping our lives, as well as critical reporting on the threats to our democracy.

The fact is that strengthening fact-based journalism strengthens democracy from the bottom to the very top of government. None of us should ever take for granted that the truth doesn’t make a difference. It does.

We’ll have exact numbers and stats to share with you all in the next couple of days. We know that accountability-driven reporting is more important than ever, and your support shows that you agree.

Thanks to our readers, Ark Valley Voice will continue to thrive. We are so grateful for your support and will work every day to remain your trusted source of news.

Thank You!



Danke Schön!