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Ark Valley Voice has been selected by the Colorado Media Project to participate in the Dec. 3 Colorado #GivingNewsDay. The effort supports local journalism, especially fledgling journalism covering local Colorado communities. The Colorado Media Project is offering a newsroom grant, providing a $5,000 match to support each news organization that receive at least $5,000 in donations from their local communities and readers.

The Colorado effort is part of the National News Match campaign, designed to support quality journalism; strengthening a free press and restoring trust in news media as a critical aspect of America’s functioning democracy.

The official #GivingNews Day is Tuesday, Dec. 3,  the same day as the national “Giving Tuesday” appeal. But the campaign runs throughout December.

All donations received by Ark Valley Voice between Dec. 3 and Dec. 31, 2019 will count towards the Ark Valley Voice $5,000 match grant goal.

Only eighteen Colorado newsrooms have been selected for this News Match grant. In the past the focus was only on nonprofit news rooms. But this year, for the first time, the Colorado Media Project has invited a few, small, for-profit newsrooms to participate in the #GivingNews Day $5,000 match. The decision is recognition that home-grown and fact-based community journalism is necessary to a functioning democracy.

“The inclusion of Ark Valley Voice in the Colorado News Match grant is recognition of the hard work of Ark Valley Voice journalists to make sure that truth has a voice in this community and beyond,” said Managing Editor Jan Wondra. “Together with our recent acceptance as members of the Colorado Press Association, this grant will mean so much for a young and feisty newsroom building its way toward fiscal health.”

Ark Valley Voice will be participating in the Colorado Media Project awareness campaign beginning next weekend, ahead of the Dec. 3 kickoff of Giving Newsday, and invites readers to pass along news of this match grant to your friends and family.

Many don’t know that Ark Valley Voice, which launched in March 2018, has grown far beyond the Upper Arkansas Valley that is beloved by residents and visitors alike. This Ark Valley Voice digital news service is now read in 41 states, and in more than 30 countries.

Our readership matches the demographics of America, skewing younger and more involved  in environmental and social causes than traditional print media. As our readership has grown, more and more of our readers are accessing Ark Valley on the mobile phones carried with them wherever they go.

Ark Valley Voice will be sharing more information about “GivingNewsday” as the calendar gets closer to the Dec. 3 kick-off date.