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The Chaffee Arts Open Awards Art Show is coming up June 4 through 12. Some 21 artists have already entered the Open Awards Art Show, and for those who have entered, the process has worked well.

Chaffee Arts Logo Courtesy of Chaffee Arts

But the event organizer now says that with the deadline to enter approaching, (May 8) not only is there still time to enter, but they need more entries.

According to show requirements, Chaffee Arts need at least two artists to enter in a category in order for that media to be judged for a media award.

So if you’re intending to enter in your chosen category, or you have entered already and see that there is only one entry, it would be a good idea to urge your fellow media artists to enter too.

The list of media categories so far and the number of entries includes:

Ceramics –  2
Acrylic – 1
Photography – 5
Pastels/Drawing/Printmaking – 6
2D/3D Mixed Media –  2
Watercolor –  2
Fiber – 1
Oil – 2

There is still plenty of time to enter; the deadline is May 8.

To enter, go to .

Please contact organizers with any questions or if you need help contact Chaffee Arts at or call 719-345-2490.