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The artwork is up on the walls at participating Salida Art Walk locations. The event runs through Sunday, June 30. Artists began their preparations earlier in the week, most wrapping up their staging on Friday afternoon.

Pat Smith, who recently moved to Chaffee County from Golden, is exhibiting in the Karver Homes Realty Office. Photo by Taylor Sumners.

Pat Smith, who recently moved to Salida with her husband from Golden said, “It has been crazy getting everything organized and ready to go,” but she is excited about the weekend festivities.

Her artwork will be displayed at the Karver Homes Realty office alongside fellow artists and painters Julie Maas and Rebecca Hauser.

Stephen Dodd and his daughter Maddie will be featured in the Josh Been Gallery, alongside the work of Josh Been.

Mattie Dodd is exhibiting her work in the Josh Been Gallery. Photo by Taylor Sumners.

Dodd said he was excited for the weekend and enthusiastic about the work he has contributed to this summer’s 27th annual Salida Art Walk. He said some of his paintings have been inspired by the walks he has taken with Maddie on the Monarch Spur Park trails.

Located in the Coldwell Banker Collegiate Peaks Realty offices, artist Sue Ann Hum’s work is featured with cohort artist, Susan Rubin.

Hum’s paintings feature artwork from her visits to France with the group she guides every year, known as My Art Trip. Her website to her group exhibitions to France can be found in the link provided below the article. Hum said she encourages community members who do not consider themselves to be artists should consider the trip to France.

Stephen Dodd is exhibiting his work in a father-daughter combination at the Josh Bean Gallery. Photo by Taylor Sumners.

Hum has also served this year as the chair for Salida Art Walk. She said she wants to encourage patrons participating in the weekend’s festivities to participate in the new Silly Walks Crosswalk taking place at the corner of F Street and Second (between 5 & Dime and Mixing Bowl). Guests are invited to join in on this Monty-Python-inspired experience.

A Welcome Center will be posted at the Free the Monkey Consignment, located at 134 F St. Art Walk ambassadors will be there with details of everything pertaining to Art Walk. There will also be chances for photo ops and giveaways.

Sue Ann Hum’s work is inspired by her trips to France. Photo by Taylor Sumners.