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A recent press release from the City of Salida identified streets in Salida that will be undergoing work for asphalt maintenance today,Thursday, Sept. 5 and Friday, Sept. 6. .The work by Salida Public Works entails crack sealing, chip sealing, overlays, and asphalt point repairs. Major work activities will be on Holman Avenue, Airport Road, New Street, Scott Street, Chilcott Street, Wood Avenue (east of Oak Street) and 5th Street.”

Photo Courtesy of KDKA Radio.

The City of Salida press release stated, “These types of maintenance activities are typically completed on roads with minor to moderate distress but not requiring reconstruction.”

It advises that chip sealing, overlay, and asphalt patching will be completed on both days. The city advises that temporary closures along these streets may occur during this time,”so it is advised that you plan an alternate route when work is occurring.”

For those looking more information, the City of Salida has encouraged that they reach out to Public Works at (719) 539-6257.