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Chaffee County Road and Bridge Supervisor Mark Stacy confirmed this week that paving of CR 162 in Chalk Creek Canyon will begin Monday, July 30, on a two-mile stretch west of the infamous dip.


The work is expected to take one week, barring any extreme weather incidents. The work was originally scheduled for last summer but was postponed due to flooding last summer in the canyon. That extreme flooding rerouted the creek coming off Agnes Vaille Falls and covered the road feet deep in debris off the cliffs in several areas. It caused Chaffee Road and Bridge Department to shift road crews into emergency repairs on CR 162 further west in the canyon.


“We’re glad to be getting this done,” said Stacy. “We’ll be running traffic control on the project to tell folks to slow down. Frankly, it’s not the locals who we worry about on that road. They’ll take it easy – it’s the tourists who roar through on CR 162 that we worry about.”