Author: Cielo Vida

A Place to Call Home, Part 6

Affordable housing in the shadows Chaffee County has a workforce housing issue that has many faces. One facet of the housing crisis that has remained relatively hidden is housing for those families fleeing domestic violence....

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A Place to Call Home, Part 5

Chaffee County landlords weigh in on affordable housing They say there’s two sides to every story – and Chaffee County’s affordable housing issue is no exception. Speaking with a cross section of local landlords and property...

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A Place to Call Home, Part 4

Fear and frustration drive those needing affordable housing The story continues to be the same; for the past four weeks I’ve been connecting with folks endeavoring to find affordable housing in the county. They’ve reached out to...

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A Place to Call Home, Part 3

“A family of four has to be earning at least $100,000 annually right now in Chaffee County to be able to buy a house. Not many families are making that” ‒ Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity Program Coordinator Angela Wallace

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A Place to Call Home, Part 2

The Salida School District reported a 300-percent increase in known homelessness among their students from October 2016 to January 2017, yet they estimate the actual unreported numbers to be much higher.

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A Place to Call Home, Part 1

Teacher struggles to find legal, affordable housing I know a woman who is living full time in an off-grid-capable, fully restored vintage travel trailer. For a while she was moving it every couple of weeks on public land; then...

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