Author: Jan Wondra

Colorado Elected Officials Offer Views on President Trump’s State of the Union Address

“Everywhere I go in Colorado, people tell me they can’t afford some combination of housing, health care, child care, or higher education – in other words, a middle-class life. They’re worried about their children’s future. Political rhetoric and inflated statistics will do nothing to solve the real challenges they face every day.”

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet

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Chaffee Planning Commission Delays decision on Ag Subdivision Text Amendment

“My recollection of why this comes forward – is not what staff is saying – it was to be available to ranchers that if they have a need to chip off a piece [of land] they would be able to do that. They still have to prove agricultural use. When you restrict it to residential – you can’t put a fruit stand out there. This is to compliment an existing operation. To me when we remove ‘residential’ and call it just ‘a lot’ and it’s in the zone that already exists…the whole effort has been to keep ranchers ranching.”

Karin Adams

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Greg Felt Appointed to Colorado Water Conservation Board

“What has been happening is a recognition and an understanding that these upper basins of our major river systems of the state are where the big, forested watersheds are. A lot of those are like ours – not in the best of health and at risk for wildfire. We need to focus more attention on those challenges, as we’ve done through the Envision process here.”
Greg Felt
Just appointed to the Colorado Water Conservation Board

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