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Author: Jan Wondra

Progress on the Chaffee County Comp Plan; up next, an Aug. 28 public session

“A comp plan provides a framework [on which to base land use code] that makes it easier. If I’m a developer I can go in based on the comp plan and be reasonably assured that I won’t have to go in and keep changing things … the other thing a comp plan does is provide that review opportunity to surface complaints and suggestions. A comp plan base holds up in court, so when it comes time to make some of those hard decisions, county officials can go and point to it, and we had a public process. A good comp plan will stand up as the road map over time.”
Wayne freeman
CTA Principal

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Initial fundraiser exceeds $100K goal in Centerville Ranch campaign

“We are the community that can say “Now THIS is Colorado”* — the community that acts together to make that true for generations to follow. I have not heard of any community rising to this level of action. It is amazing. Thank you to all of our generous donors – you are heroes!”
Cindy Williams
Board Chair
Central Colorado Conservancy

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Together Chaffee County