Author: Melody Buschur

Inaugural BV Wedding Expo a labor of love

This Saturday, Feb. 23, Buena Vista is playing host to its inaugural wedding exposition at the Surf Hotel, located at 1012 Front Loop. With more than 32 local professionals and vendors showcasing the area’s network of services...

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Seven Peaks Festival termed a Buena Vista economic success

“If the business community wants to see more happening in town, we’ll need to figure out how to activate some sort of Main Street business alliance or another entity to make this happen. In the meantime though, I could not be more satisfied with the overall experience and boost in business that resulted from this year’s Seven Peaks Festival – can’t wait for next year!”
Lenny Eckstein
Deerhammer Distilling Company

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Food on four wheels in Buena Vista

“When barbecue is done right, it is so flavorful and unique that it really sticks with you. Then, the smell of real wood-fire smoke mixed with well-seasoned beef and pork floating around in the air brings that taste right back to the tip of your tongue.”
Kirk Saewert., Cowboy’s Dash BBQ

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Buena Vista food truck trend satisfies crowds, supports downtown

“I look at two things that food trucks add to our community. First, I think they help accommodate the increase in traffic, in that they promote foot traffic, specifically, because most are located downtown, and I think that helps with bringing people into and keeping them downtown.”
Phillip Puckett
Buena vista Town Administrator

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