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Chaffee County reports that as of Tuesday, Oct. 23, 443 ballots have been returned, bringing the total number of returned ballots to 780. This is behind both 2014 and 2016, but most ballots didn’t arrive in county mail boxes until Saturday, Oct. 20, and many county residents reported not receiving their mail ballots until Monday’s mail delivery.

As the pumpkins declare, be sure to vote! As seen on F Street in Salida.

Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell say she’s encouraged by voter enthusiasm. “We have a lot of voters who are signed up for Ballot Trax, over 4,000, and they are really enjoying the notifications they are getting so they can track their ballot every step of the way.”

Ballots returned to date:

If a voters ballot is returned to us as undeliverable (and between 500 and 900 ballots will be undeliverable), the system sends them an alert so they know they need to update their registration so they can receive a ballot. Voters can sign up to track their ballot at

Mitchell said she has actively worked to register younger voters. Last week she set up a Chaffee County voter registration table at Buena Vista High school and registered 40 new voters, while this week her visit to Salida High School saw 30 students register to vote.

She reiterated that voters have a lot to decide on this year. “Voters should be aware that there are three ballots going on; the county ballot, the fire district property owners ballot, and the town of BV ballot initiative on the occupational lodging tax.