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On Saturday, February 22, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet tours Camp Hale with eight veterans from the 10th Mountain Division, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment.

Camp Hale was set up to train the 10th Mountain Division soldiers for fighting in the rough terrain of the Alps to win World War II. Image courtesy of Colorado Encyclopedia.

The group of 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry veterans is gathering to celebrate the storied legacy of the 10th Mountain Division during the 75th anniversary of the original 10th Mountain Division’s pivotal World War II battles. But they had another reason to join Bennet today.

They are actively supporting the advocacy effort to protect Camp Hale and its legacy for future generations to see and understand. That effort is being led by Bennet, through his Colorado Outdoor Recreation & Economy (CORE) Act, which would designate Camp Hale as the first-ever “National Historic Landscape”.

The CORE Act would designate 28,728 acres surrounding Camp Hale as a National Historic Landscape to honor the history of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division in Colorado.

The 10th Mountain Ski Troops who trained at Camp Hale helped lead our nation to victory in World War II, then went on to help create the modern outdoor industry. A National Historic Landscape designation would ensure Camp Hale’s historic preservation, secure existing recreational opportunities, and protect natural resources.

Readers interested in more information about the CORE Act can go to