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A warning from the League of Women Voters of Colorado (LWVCO), that all forms of voter intimidation are federal crimes, happens to be pertinent right now in Colorado.

An organization calling itself the  “U.S. Election Integrity Plan (USEIP)” is continuing to claim voter fraud in the 2020 election. By itself, that might be dismissed as more of the craziness associated with the 2020 election.  For example, Trump supporters who keep “beating that dead horse,” such as the pillow guy Mike Lindell, continuing to claim but never produce “evidence” of voter fraud.

Image of U.S. voting booths.
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But this time, the activity may be something more sinister. The fact is, this USEIP group appears to have volunteers out crisscrossing Colorado who are going door to door in an attempt to find evidence of voter fraud.

A quick Google search of the U.S. Election Integrity Plan turns up what appears to be a brand new site that begins “Welcome Patriots” (which appears to be a nod to the dozens of “Patriot” groups such as the Chaffee Patriots, that formed in Aug. 2020 prior to the 2020 election). It goes on to claim, falsely we might add, that the truth about the 2020 election still isn’t known:

“We’re so glad you’re here. The U.S. Integrity Plan, USEIP was established with a dozen members from varying political backgrounds. We came together to get a better understanding of what happened in the 2020 elections, to find the truth, expose the truth, and share the truth. It’s that plain and simple. If there was fraud in 2020 let’s find it, fix it, and hold those responsible accountable. If it’s discovered there was no fraud, we’ll be the first to promote that true message.

The Republic is at stake if we don’t first fix our elections. It’s up to us to create change at the local level.”

Well yes, Ark Valley Voice agrees that the truth about the 2020 elections should absolutely be revealed and shared. So we are:

  • The truth is “the 2020 election was the most secure election in the history of the U.S.”, declared so by no less than Trump’s election security person Christopher Krebs.
  • The U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr examined the results of the election and declared that “I can find no election fraud in the 2020 election.”
  • No less than 50 state and federal courts — led by judges appointed by both Democrats and Republicans and some even appointed by Trump–  looked at the “evidence” of election fraud submitted to them and threw it out of court as not worthy of further judicial review. In other words – the “evidence” wasn’t real.
  • In several states such as Georgia where election fraud was claimed, the states recounted ballots not once, not twice, but three times. The results were the same and Trump lost the state. Former President Trump called Georgia’s Secretary of State begging him to find “just 11,000 votes”, a request that is being investigated.
  • Biden defeated Trump by 306 to 232 in the state-by-state Electoral College that chooses the president – the same margin that Trump declared a “landslide” when he won four years ago – and led by more than 6.2 million ballots in the popular vote.
  • Here in Colorado, the risk-limiting audits conducted by each county following every election, in conjunction with the office of Secretary of State Jena Griswold, are considered part of an election system that has been called “the gold standard for the nation”.

The USEIP site invites those coming to it to: “Get to know your local County Clerk and Recorder plus your county commissioners. Go in, introduce yourself, talk to them, help educate them on what’s happening with our elections and communicate your concerns.”

Given that Colorado’s county clerks are the ones who educate the public and train the elections judges and all the volunteers who help to conduct elections, who execute the elections, report the results, and conduct the risk-limiting audits, it seems strange that ordinary citizens would be out there “educating them on what’s happening with our elections.”

From all appearances (although this news organization agrees voters should get to know their county clerk and recorders as well as their county commissioners) this election fraud claim is sheer fiction. When these fake survey folks begin showing up at the doors of unsuspecting Coloradans, and for what ends, remains to be seen.

Is this an entirely innocent endeavor? Is this yet another false flag to encourage conservative donations? Is it an intimidation tactic, or an early start on campaign messaging for the 2022 elections? Or is it something far more sinister: to create a groundswell of falsehoods that undermine public confidence in our election integrity?

Ark Valley Voice doesn’t know the answers to these questions. But the  LWVCO is warning all Colorado residents that these actions may be intimidating to voters, especially if people show up at your door asking whether you voted, when you voted, and how you voted.

That is private information that no registered voter should be asked to provide or required to provide to anyone outside of a county clerk and recorder’s office, and they already know if you’re registered and if you voted (how you voted is the fundamental point of our secret ballot process and only you know how you voted).

In an effort to keep on top of what this group is doing in the state of Colorado, LWVCO is asking LWVCO members to contact Beth Hendrix ( or 303-588-5470) if you know of anyone who has been approached by this group. Ark Valley Voice would like to know too; just email us at