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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Colorado is reopening the public call for nominations for open positions on the 15-member Rocky Mountain District Resource Advisory Council, which includes field offices in the Royal Gorge, San Luis Valley and Gunnison.

Resource Advisory Councils (RACs) provide advice and recommendations for
the BLM to consider on a range of resource and land management issues. The
BLM maintains 38 such chartered advisory committees located in the West.

Each council consists of 10 to 15 members from diverse interests in local
communities, who assist in the development of committee recommendations
that address public land management issues. RACs are critical in assisting
the BLM in continuing to be a good neighbor in communities served by the

“Resource Advisory Councils are an important forum for community
conversation, which is a key component of public land management,” said
Rocky Mountain District Manager Cathy Cook. “With representatives from
different land use perspectives, the RAC gives communities an opportunity
to be involved in local issues and suggest possible solutions.”

An individual may self-nominate or nominate others to serve on a RAC.
Nominees must be residents of the state or states where the RAC has
jurisdiction and will be reviewed on the basis of their training, education and knowledge of the council’s geographic area.

Nominees should also demonstrate a commitment to consensus-building and
collaborative decision-making. A letter of reference must accompany all
nominations from any represented interests or organizations per the
categories below, along with a completed RAC application, and any other
information that speaks to the nominee’s qualifications.

RAC positions fall into one of three categories:

Category one – Public land ranchers and representatives of organizations associated with energy and mineral development, the commercial timber industry, transportation or rights-of-way, off-highway vehicle use, and commercial recreation.
Category two – Representatives of nationally or regionally recognized environmental organizations, archaeological and historical organizations, dispersed recreation activities, and wild horse and burro organizations.
Category three – Representatives of state, county, or local elected office; representatives and employees of a state agency responsible for the
management of natural resources; representatives of Indian tribes within or
adjacent to the area for which the RAC is organized, Alaska Natives as
appropriate to the state of Alaska; representatives and employees of
academic institutions who are involved in natural sciences; and the

Nominations are being accepted for all three categories. Terms are for three years, and the Rocky Mountain District RAC typically meets up to four times a year.

Nominations for the Rocky Mountain District RAC must be submitted by Oct. 31 to the Bureau of Land Management, Attn: Brant Porter, 210 W. Spencer Ave., Suite A, Gunnison, CO 81230 or to

Nominations for the Rocky Mountain District RAC  – forms can be found online, or by calling 970-901-9581.

Submitted by the Bureau of Land Management, Rocky Mountain District.