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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Royal Gorge Field Office has issued a decision on a camping and travel management plan for Chaffee County. This decision is based on the results of an environmental assessment and input from the public.

The results of a preliminary environmental assessment were presented for public comment in October, 2022. Agency staff reviewed public comments and then used them to refine the document and reach a final decision.

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“Balancing public input with the long-term health and sustainability of public lands requires consideration of impacts to resources and frank discussions with the public,” said Royal Gorge Field Office Manager Keith Berger. “Through that process, we think we’ve put together a plan that manages to do both.”

The decision addresses routes in areas without a travel management plan; establishing designated routes to reduce impacts to natural resources while continuing to provide public access.

The decision also introduces improved management to provide camping in designated sites in the 38,000-acre area along with robust monitoring.

The decision recommends the installation of fire rings and site delineators, as well as increased education and outreach on camping ethics and regulations, both to help accommodate increased demand while also reducing the environmental impact of that demand.

The final plan, environmental assessment, and the record of decision are all available at:

For any additional information, the BLM indicates readers to contact Assistant Field Manager Kalem Lenard, at 719-433-8486 or Or, contact Outdoor Recreation Planner Linda Skinner, at 719-269-8732 or