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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees will be welcoming new Trustee  Mark Jenkins (returning after serving from 2016 to 2020) and new Trustee Sue Cobb as well as incoming Mayor Libby Fay at their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26.They will proceed to appoint a mayor pro tem during the meeting.

Buena Vista Town Hall. Photo by Henry DeKam

The meeting be held at 715 East Main Street following a 6:00 p.m. work session to discuss the Rodeo Grounds master plan. 

The board will also discuss and vote on the reappointment of Phillip Puckett as Town Administrator; the firm of Hoffman, Parker, Wilson and Carberry, P.C. as the Town Attorney; Michelle Stoke as the Town Treasurer; Paula Barnett as the Town Clerk; and Brian Green as Municipal Court Judge. 

Extensions are focus of Business Items

Among the business items is a request for the board to approve a six-month extension for PCG One LLC to complete the required conditions for their retail marijuana store license. The conditions of the license approval were originally set in Resolution No. 52, Series 2021, which was adopted on December 14, 2021.  Adam Paul of PCG One LLC will be present to make the request. 

Additionally, the board will consider a one-time extension for one year of the approval of the preliminary plat for the Boulders at Buena Vista subdivision. The original approval of the Boulders at Buena Vista Preliminary Plat for 45 residential lots was granted on June 25, 2019. 

The original applicant of the Preliminary Plat, Igloo BV, LLC, sold the land on December 22, 2021, to the current owner because they could not complete the subdivision process with a Final Plat application. The new owners, 500 N Colorado Ave, LLC, submitted a Final Plat application on March 3, 2022.

They are seeking to maintain the same configuration (containing 45 residential lots) and the same proposed rights-of-way for the subdivision, but they propose major changes to the overall grading and engineering of public improvements for the subdivision. The applicants will need to restart the major subdivision process which will require new public meetings for the Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plat, and more time for the administrative approval of the Final Plat if the extension is not approved. 

As always, the meeting is open to the public. Those who wish to provide public comment should register upon arrival or should raise their hand on Zoom when prompted. More information, including meeting packets and agendas, can be found on the Town’s website