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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has identified human remains found on September 22, 2023 as those of Suzanne Morphew

Today at 2:34 p.m., agents with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) announced the positive identification of human remains that the CBI located during the course of a search on September 22, 2023, as Suzanne Morphew (49) of Chaffee County. The confirmation was made by the El Paso County Coroner earlier today.

Morphew was reported missing from her home in Chaffee County on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020.

The circumstances of the discovery were not planned: investigators were searching in the area of Moffat in Saguache (SUH-watch) County on an investigation that was not related to the Morphew disappearance, when the remains were discovered.

Specific information about the location and the state of the remains are being withheld at this time. The remains were located in the 12th Judicial District, and District Attorney Anne Kelly has been notified.

No arrests have been made since the remains were located. The CBI reports that updates will be provided as information becomes available during this ongoing investigation. Family notifications have been made following the formal identification of the remains of Suzanne Morphew.

“While this case has garnered attention from around the world, it has touched our community and the sheriff’s office deeply. We have never stopped our investigation and will continue to follow all leads in pursuit of justice for Suzanne,” said Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze. “Although locating Suzanne’s remains is a critical component of this investigation, and for her family, we are left with many more questions than answers, and it would be a disservice to conduct a news conference at this time,” he added.

The at-times almost circus-like atmosphere surrounding Morphew’s disappearance, frantic searches, and charges leveled at her then-husband barry Morphew almost obscured the tragedy of her disappearance. After several missteps by the 11th District Attorney’s office, which permitted some key evidence from being admitted, charges were dropped against Barry Morphew in April, 2022.

The public is asked to continue to report any information about this case by calling 719-312-7530.