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Salida resident Alison Brown has declared her intent to run for the  Chaffee County Commissioner District 3 seat. Brown made her announcement on Friday, Jan. 28, after filing her paperwork with the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder’s Office the day before.

Dr. Alison Brown is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Brown an engineer and entrepreneur, who has also served in the British military, came to the U.S. as a student from her native Scotland, with nothing but an engineering scholarship and a suitcase of clothes.

“Since becoming a citizen, I have lived the American dream, building a successful aerospace company here in Colorado, and serving my country on national defense advisory boards and the National Regulatory Fairness Board,” Brown explains. “I believe every citizen should have the freedom to build their American dream without undue Government interference.”

As the CEO of the aerospace company Navsys, she also owns a small ranch on the outskirts of Salida where she keeps horses, cattle, goats, and chickens. She also owns a pack of American Foxhounds that she has trained for predator control.

Asked about her motivation for running, she says “I love living here in rural Chaffee County but, since I moved here, I have seen Right to Farm and Ranch protection eroded and extreme over-regulation by local government officials against local businesses and landowners. We live in a County where officials believe they can regulate access to public lands, can redefine Colorado State language to deny Right to Farm and Ranch protections, and can arbitrarily interpret and enforce land-use code at a whim, such as declaring “weddings” as ‘Outdoor theater’ to again over-regulate land use.”

Brown, prevented from keeping some of her animals on her 80-acre property by a county court injunction, then prevented from living in her home on that property, filed a Constitutional lawsuit against the County.

I owe every nickel I have to America,” she explains about the suit. “My ranching neighbors could not afford to defend themselves if targeted like I was. If I don’t fight to defend citizens’ constitutional rights, I don’t deserve to be a citizen myself.”

The Chaffee District 3 seat is currently held by Rusty Granzella (R). Granzella has not yet declared his intentions as to whether he will run for a second term. Ark Valley Voice has received no information yet regarding any other declared candidates for the seat, which is up for election in Nov. 2022.

Editor’s Note: Brown is also a primary investor in Ark Valley Voice. She has no editorial control, and her candidacy will be covered in the same manner we cover other candidacies.