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Typical of the small town friendliness and caring Salida is known for, more than 30 friends of community leader and businessman Harry Brull gathered at Soulcraft Brewery Wednesday evening for photos to bolster their friend’s spirits.

Poker players gathered to send get well message ot Harry Brull include, from left to right: Martin Jolley, Greg Justis, Dan Smith, Irv Broudy and Dave Berry.

Brull was seriously injured in a bike crash in September while taking part in the Cycle Oregon event near Baker City. He suffered a severe brain injury along with skull, clavicle and rib fractures and a lung injury. He has been making steady progress in rehab at an Oregon facility.

Besides sending messages over, cards, and phone calls, Brull’s semi-regular poker gang decided to get together and send a photo to him, and Irv Broudy expanded the invitation to include a larger group of friends. The photos have been printed and poker friend Dave Berry and his wife are taking them personally to Oregon when they visit Brull and his wife Myra this weekend. The message was loud and clear: We miss you, Harry, and best wishes for your recovery.