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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees unanimously approved the town of Buena Vista’s sponsorship of the Chaffee Green initiative during its Jan. 8 regular meeting. In other action, it approved the contract with Angel of Shavano Recycling, as well as the Recreation Facilities Master Plan.

“For us it’s not a marketing thing, it’s more of making a stand [for] the environment” said Trustee Mark Jenkins.

The Trustees appeared enthusiastic in accepting the request from Chaffee Green seeking the town of Buena Vista’s sponsorship of Chaffee Green’s reusable tote-bag initiative. Chaffee Green provides two different bags, a large and a small, and requested $475.00 from the Town of Buena Vista to support both bags.

The organization’s goal is to reduce the number of single-use plastic in the county to a minimum. To do so, they are seeking sponsors to donate the funds to manufacture the reusable bags. In return, the donating entity will receive bags that it can disperse to the public at its own discretion. The bag will also feature the business’s or entity’s printed name and logo. And paper bags in Buena Vista and Chaffee County by supplying the public with free, reusable tote bags.

Jacy Doumas, a key member of Chaffee Green, knows how important it is for the Chaffee Green effort to be unique to every city, but still connected.

“When Chaffee Green was first forming, we really found having sustainable BV and sustainable Salida important because of our uniqueness and then [we are] connected by Chaffee Green,” said Doumas.

Chaffee Green sought a specific sponsorship from Buena Vista and will do so with other towns. Chaffee Green is actually organized by town; with smaller sub-groups called Sustainable Buena Vista and Sustainable Salida.

The Board of Trustees was quick to support Doumas and Chaffee Green.

“I would like to see us support this,” said Trustee Libby Fay.

The remainder of the meeting saw the Board of Trustees vote to approve the 2019 contract with Angel of Shavano Recycling, and vote unanimously to accept the edits and revisions to the Recreation Facilities Master Plan.

The next Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. January 22 in the Buena Vista Community Center.