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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees’ regular meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tonight at 715 East Main Street in Buena Vista. The meetings are held at the Community Center and are open to the public both in-person and virtually. The amended agenda and instructions for attending the meeting are available here;

Business items include consideration of a temporary moratorium on new subdivision applications, amending the fee schedule, airport funding, appointing a new Trustee, and a proposal from Wright Water Engineers Inc.

Temporary Moratorium

The Board will consider a 120-day moratorium on the acceptance and processing of new subdivision applications. The Board may choose to adopt an ordinance that additionally includes a moratorium on new annexation petitions requiring water.

Amend the 2023 Fee Schedule

The Board will consider amending this year’s fee schedule increasing fill station fees, adding asphalt paving to cash in lieu fees, water operation service fee costs, and backflow testing for compliance measures.

Central Colorado Regional Airport – CDOT Funding

The Board will consider approving the Aeronautic-Discretionary Aviation Grant resolution from the Colorado Division of Aeronautics for the apron rehabilitation and fence relocation project’s construction work.

Trustee Vacancy

With the resignation of Trustee Mark Jenkins, the Trustees will determine if the vacancy will be filled by an appointment or by an election.

Proposal from Wright Water Engineers Inc. for Buena Vista Well No. 4

The Board will consider a proposal from Wright Water Engineers, Inc. for engineering service for Well No. 4.

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda includes the adoption of Resolution No. 32, Series 2023, appointing Mallory Boorks and Caleb Efta as regular voting members and correcting the term appointment for Sarah Kuhn of the Tree Advisory Board.

Executive Sessions

The meeting will move into an executive session to hold a conference with the Town’s attorney to receive legal advice regarding an employment matter.

The session will wrapup with an executive session to consider the terms and conditions of the Town Administrator’s employment.