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The Buena Vista Board of Education (BVBOE) is set to hold its next regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, October 23. A 5:00 p.m. linkage will precede the meeting with the Chaffee County Economic Development Council. At all meetings, members of the public are invited to attend to speak during public comment.

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Up for discussion and action at the upcoming meeting are a number of special policy updates:

  • JKA: Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint
  • JK: Student Discipline
  • LBD: Relations with Charter Schools
  • JKD/JKE: Suspension, Expulsion, Denial of Admission of Students
  • JKD/JKE-R: Suspension/Expulsion of Students – regulation
  • AC: Non Discrimination / Equal Opportunity
  • GBAA: Sexual Harassment
  • JBB: Sexual Harassment

Listed separately in the agenda are policies JLCDD – Utilization and Administration of Opioid Antagonist and IKF: Graduation requirements.

A table of contents for district policies is available from the district’s website.

The consent agenda includes approval of previously discussed monitoring compliance reports regarding communication and counsel between the board and superintendent, delegation of duties to the superintendent, and the board president’s role.

The consent agenda also includes approval of the addition of Liz Barnaby as school administrator to the committee structure, a policy revision of GP 13 board bylaws, and the usual contracts and notifications of employment agreements, resignation, or retirement.

Compliance monitoring reports that will be discussed during this meeting focus on superintendent performance, board committee principles, committee structure, and learning dispositions in ENDS Measure 2.

Communication reports include the  Buena Vista Community Education Assistance Fund (BVCEAF) grant award winners, quarterly financial, transportation, preliminary district enrollment from the superintendent, Boards of Cooperative (Educational) Services (BOCES), District Accountability Committee (DAC), elementary and preschool campus committee, and board member correspondence.

According to the agenda, “The Board of Education may move into Executive Session for reasons allowable pursuant Colo. Rev Stat. 24-6-402 (4).”

The next regular meeting for the BV BOE is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, November 6, one day before the election that will decide five open seats on the school board.

The full agenda is available online from the school district’s website.