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The Town of Buena Vista and the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center have announced a partnership intended to better support local business. It is an alliance, both say, that is a strong supporting effort to revitalize support both for local businesses and town events.

“The Town of Buena Vista is very excited about this new partnership with the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center with the intent to improve support for our local businesses and special events,”wrote Town Administrator Phillip Puckett, in a comment supplied to the Ark Valley Voice via email.

The partnership between the two entities is three-fold.

First, the Town of Buena Vista contributed funds to the Chamber of Commerce to assist the Chamber in hiring an Event Specialist. Event Specialist Carole Vowell will be responsible for working with all non-profits and businesses who seek special-event permits, and aiding in the facilitation of all events taking place in downtown Buena Vista.

The event specialist will ensure compliance with permitting processes and codes for events in the downtown area, and will facilitate communication between businesses. Following each event, the Vowell will spearhead a review into the event processes in an effort to improve those processes for the future.

Second, the Town of Buena Vista and the Chamber of Commerce have agreed to indefinitely work together to decide which special events are beneficial to the city and represent its best interests. In partnership, they will ensure compliance with all state and local regulations during these special events.

In matters of the Town Code and the Town Fee Schedule, the Town of Buena Vista will have the final authority. Any fees associate with an event will be paid directly to the Town of Buena Vista. There will be no additional charge or service fees associated with these costs.

A third area of cooperation will be in management authority. The Chamber of Commerce will now manage the Colorado Main Street Program, and will be in contact with those at the Colorado state level to develop the program moving forward. Per an announcement made by the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce,the chamber says it will also actively “collaborate with other areas of Town including East, West, and South Main Streets, as well as the highway corridor, to establish a synergistic district that promotes all businesses and our unique and wholesome community culture.”

The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce has undergone significant restructuring over the last few months, and has adopted a new staff structure to try and optimize efficiency in its efforts to support local businesses. The new staff is an outgrowth of the chamber boards’ restructuring process. In addition to Vowell, chamber staff now includes: Membership Specialist Jon Cobb and Welcome Specialist April Kali. Jamie Billesbach has been reappointed as the chamber marketing specialist.

Puckett, on behalf of the Town of Buena Vista, stated his support for the restructuring and the course the chamber has charted for its future.

“We strongly believe that the chamber is headed in the right direction and is the optimal partner to help in these areas,” said Puckett.