The Buena Vista School Board will convene it’s Monday, Dec. 2 meeting with a reception welcoming four new school board members, elected in the Nov. 8 coordinated election. The session begins at 6 p.m. in the school board administration building at 113 Court St., Buena Vista.

New school board members include: Stacey Moss will represent Dist. A, and Suzette Hachmann will represent Dist. C, Tracy Storms was elected for At-Large VF2, while Jessica Crites will fill the position of At Large VF1.

The school board will receive an educational showcase on the Buena Vista Community Education Assistance Fund Grant Awards, listen to reports from Superintendent Lisa Yates and the school principals, and approve contracts for three district employees.

It will take action regarding the CCHS Graduation Guideline revisions, and election of its representative to the Colorado Mountain Board of Cooperative Education Services (Mountain BOCES).

The Mountain BOCES association is important, as this board unites the needs of four Colorado Member Districts: Buena Vista School District R-31, Lake County School District R-1, Park County School District Re-2 and Salida School District R-32-J. These small school districts share the same passion as larger districts—improved online and blended learning education through support, accountability and collaboration. One of the keys to achieving this objective, say Mountain BOCES representatives, is equipping teacher candidates and induction plan participants with the tools to take ownership of their continuing education, which improves the caliber of school districts.