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Buena Vista announced on Jan. 23 that it has been named a host town for Ride the Rockies, the first time, Buena Vista will serve as a host town for the popular event. The designation means that this coming June 10 and 11, the Town of Buena Vista will welcome approximately 2,500 cyclists participating in the annual Ride the Rockies Bicycle Tour.

The designation is likely to be an economic windfall for the town. Last year, the Denver Post Community Foundation estimated “cyclists in 2018 spent an average of $250,000 in a 24-hour period in each town and many planned to return at a later date as tourists. Host communities provide alternative lodging, inexpensive community meals and entertainment. Riders on past Ride the Rockies have represented all 50 states and 18 foreign counties.”

The board of the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce says that participating as a host town will bring significant exposure and economic activity to Buena Vista during the heart of the tourist season. In order to maximize these opportunities, the Chamber plans to collaborate with business owners and strategize on how to keep cyclists engaged with the town during their stay.

“The chamber team of Events Specialist Carole Vowell, Membership Specialist Jon Cobb, and Marketing Specialist Jamie Billesbach, will be jointly working with the town and local businesses and non-profits to make this a successful and unified community event,” said President of the Buena Visa Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Board Jerianna Bennetts.

The Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center is inviting interested business owners and non-profits to a “Brews and Brainstorming” event from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Monday, February 4 at the Lariat, in Buena Vista, located at 206 East Main.

According to the Chamber, “The intent of this first session is to hear from our community businesses and non-profits their ideas on showcasing our amazing town with music, downtown food choices and events. Details about road closures, locations of town supplied support and alternative lodging will also be discussed. In addition, we will be working with non-profits and clubs on alternative meals and food options, volunteer support, and “Leave No Trace’ programs.”

Ride the Rockies is a non-competitive event that is open to all interested cyclists. The proceeds from Ride the Rockies are passed on to the Denver Post Community Foundation, and the entirety of funds raised are passed on to non-profits in Colorado.