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During the Buena Vista Trustee’s regular meeting March 26, Trustee Norm Nyberg moved to table the board’s discussion on the “Idaho Stop.” Conversations over the Idaho Stop began in mid-February. At their Feb. 12 meeting, the trustees approved a motion to direct the parks and recreation department to investigate the matter further.

Ultimately, concerns for safety pushed the trustees to table the issue.

The motion passed 3-1. Nyberg, Cindie Swisher and Mark Jenkins all voted in support of the motion. Trustee Libby Fay was the only opposition to the motion. Trustees Lawanna Best and David Volpe were absent.

The Idaho Stop would allow bikers to proceed through intersections without stopping at stop signs. Essentially, adopting the traffic concession would allow bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. They would only be required to stop if vehicles were already in the intersection or approaching the intersection.

All of the trustees shared similar concerns over safety, especially for children.

“I worry that, once they leave mom and dad, there’s not going to be that attention to detail,” Jenkins said.

Fay, though she voted against tabling the discussion, acknowledged the concerns of her peers. “I tend to be in favor of it,” said Fay. “But I definitely agree that we need to have education and public awareness (of the Idaho Stop).”