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Two important items stand out on the packed agenda for the Oct. 23 Buena Vista Trustees meeting: a review and public hearing on the 2019 draft budget, and clarification of terms for use on the town’s Special Election Ballot question 2A. That special election, to be held in concurrence with the General Election, will allow voters to decide whether to impose a lodging occupation tax within town limits. Clarification is needed not only to define what the town deems to be a “lodging room”, but also how the lodging occupation tax will be applied.

The town’s 2019 draft budget, with projected revenue for all funds 10,289,561 and total expenses across all funds of 10,278,832, a .9 percent revenue increase over the prior year. The public hearing will be the first chance for voters to have the main budget components explained to them.

Also on the agenda, a review of the Chaffee County Housing Strategic Plan by Chaffee County Housing Director Becky Gray, and a public hearing regarding what size of accessory structures will be allowed in R-1 and R-2 residential districts.

Trustees will get an overview from Playgrounds by Leathers regarding what was learned from the public input session for the design of a playground for the new Sunset Vista Park. On the agenda is a resolution approving the Great Outdoors Colorado grant application being made to cover a significant portion of the cost of construction of the park.

Trustees will also review a Great Outdoors Colorado planning grant application for Locomotion: Integrated Road and Trail Master Plan and receive an update by Bill Baker on the restoration of the historic courthouse cupola restoration project for the Buena Vista Heritage Museum.