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The Buena Vista Trustees have a regular meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, and will consider utilizing the CCCF for the 2020 grant process. The CCCF offers a program to municipalities to help allocate grant funds to non-profits.

During their meeting in late March, the trustees approved a draft agreement with the Chaffee County Community Foundation (CCCF). Michael Hannigan, CCCF representative, presented ways which the CCCF could help Buena Vista streamline its grant-funding process.

“We would do all the leg-work. After the site visit, our recommendations would come back to you for your decision,” Hannigan said. “This is something we would be delighted and honored, to do for the Town of Buena Vista.

“We [will] try to take all of the administrative burdens off of your staff,” Hannigan told the board at the March 26 meeting. “We want all the nonprofits to be successful. They’re doing a lot of great work.”

“I think it’s an excellent idea, and I think it can really open doors [for nonprofits],” Mayor Duff Lacy said at the time.

Also on the May meeting agenda is to consider amending Chapter 7 of the Municipal Code concerning nuisances and littering. Other agenda items include will making a minor correction to Chapter 15 of the Municipal code concerning the Unified Development Code and amending the fire code with regards to floodplain regulations.