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As concerns continue to be raised about the impacts of recreation in Chaffee County and with officials anticipating a record year, Buena Vista’s trustees will hear the latest update to the Envision Chaffee County Recreation Plan Tuesday evening, May 25.

The Board will hear from Cindy Williams and Kim Marquis from Envision, USFS District Ranger Jim Pitts and Town Recreation Director Earl Richmond. The agenda includes discussion of Chaffee Rec Council’s all-lands camping plan to clean up overused campsites and slow the growth of dispersed sites to 3 percent a year. Expect to hear about community concentration zones and plans to focus recreation in order to best protect wildlife.

Money also comes into the picture, with the Council’s plan to raise $20 million in five years for infrastructure, management and maintenance. Projects specific to Buena Vista include restrooms at Whipple Bridge-River Park and the Community Center, upgrades at the Whipple Trail and resurfacing/ADA friendly improvements at the Walton Loop-River Park Trail.

In other action, the Board will have a code-enforcement discussion on yard signs and flags and whether to increase the numbers allowed in the municipal code, which currently provides for up to two yard signs and two flags.

“We noticed through the election cycle (2020) tensions were high regarding what flags people chose to display and that two signs are not enough, especially when there are multiple issues or candidates,” states a memo to the Board from Code Enforcement Officer Grant Bryans. “Code Enforcement looked into the applicability of this rule and noted that it does not meet the needs of our Town. We have noted that several businesses display more than two flags, an American, a state flag, and an organizational flag. All of this makes sense as a part of a typical display.”

Staff is proposing to allow up to three flags and up to five signs during an election season. “Allowing this brings the burden off of our citizens and enforcement officials as people have more choice of what they would like to display,” the memo reads.

The meeting will also include giving the oath of office to Police Officer Jake Englund.

The 7:00 p.m. session will be held virtually for staff and public. To connect via Zoom: Password 971317. Via phone: 1-301-715-8592. Meeting ID:880 7504 8450.

To access the board packet with complete agenda and background reports: