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In a ceremony witnessed by Buena Vista Trustees and members of the public, four new firefighters were sworn in Tuesday evening, March 10 during the regular trustees meeting. The event marks the first swearing in of a fully-paid staff in the history of the town.

New Buena Vista paid firefighting staff being sworn in by Buena Vista Clerk Paula Barnett are Sworn in are left to right; Nathan Allen, Miguel Class, Christopher Greene, Brandon Evans, as Fire chief Dixon Villers looks on. Photo by Brianne HockRangel.

“This is a big night for the town and the BV fire dept.,” said Fire Chief Dixon Villers. “Having the first paid firefighters for the town has been a long time coming. Now we’ll be better able to serve our community.”

Town Clerk and Recorder Paula Barnett conducted the swearing in and then supervised the signing of their contracts. In addition to Chief Villers, the four paid firefighter staff now under contract to the town include:

  • Brandon Evans, sworn in as fire inspector and a Shift Captain of the Wed-Sat. shift. He is also the town EMS  (emergency medical services) Director.
  • Miguel Class – A firefighter on B Shift, educated at the University of Northern Colorado.
  • Christopher Greene – A firefighter and Shift Captain of A shift of the Sun. – Wed. shift. who will serve as the second fire inspector. He previously served in the U.S.Air Force.
  • Nathan Allen – A firefighter and an EMT (emergency medical technician) and a graduate of the Chaffee County Fire Program.

“This is a good leap forward for us,” said Mayor Duff Lacy.