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Meet Your New Trustees: Part I

Though the April 5 municipal election was canceled due to an even number of candidates and openings, Buena Vista’s new trustees are eager to begin and continue to serve their town. In this two-part series, Ark Valley Voice introduces the incoming/returning trustees, inviting them to share their experiences with public service, and their top priorities for their time in office.

Incoming trustees Sue Cobb and Mark Jenkins and returning trustee Gina Lucrezi took some time to introduce themselves to us and our readers:

Tell us about yourself. What do you want the voters to know about you, and what brought you to live in Buena Vista (BV)?

Buena Vista Town Hall. Photo by Henry DeKam

Gina Lucrezi: “I’ve lived in Buena Vista for three years now with my husband Justin and two Airedale pups, Ezra and Spruce,” says Gina Lucrezi, who has served as a trustee since the fall of 2021. “I own a business focused on growing women’s participation and opportunity in the outdoors called Trail Sisters. I’m an avid trail runner and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, which is one of the many reasons why my husband and I bought a home in BV. Besides the recreational paradise, I was drawn to the small-town atmosphere, excited to make new friends and be a part of the BV community.”

Mark Jenkins: “I was born and raised in Arizona. Both my parents were involved in service to the Scottsdale community, which included my father serving as mayor for many years, and my mother serving on the Library Board and numerous other volunteer positions. Saying that it seems that I have public service in my blood,” he says.

“I moved to Colorado in 1988 to attend Colorado Mountain College, Leadville, and finished my college career at Western State College (now, Western Colorado University), in Gunnison. I found my way back to Buena Vista in 2007 and have enjoyed living here ever since. I retired in 2019 from Colorado Mountain College, which has given me more time to enjoy many outdoor activities, travel, and work on our home. My wife and I enjoy spending time with our kids and grandchildren locally, and in Texas.”

Sue Cobb: “I grew up in central Kansas, the oldest daughter, and middle child in a family of nine … Our family has had a home in Buena Vista since 2003, and we moved here full-time in 2019,” Cobb shares.  “I live in Buena Vista because it has everything I value most: terrific people, a vibrant community spirit, plentiful recreational opportunities, incredible natural beauty, and a welcoming, small-town, live-and-let-live character.” 

“I have 20 years of experience in municipal government creating, managing, and communicating programs and policies in the areas of community planning and development; recycling, composting and household hazardous waste management; and human services … For the past 10 years, I have had my own business supporting nonprofits and government agencies with media and public relations services as well as community engagement and crisis communications assistance. My clients have included United Way, the Colorado Department of Corrections, Colorado’s health insurance marketplace, State and local human services agencies, and a former Colorado Governor and Lieutenant Governor. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Government and a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management.”

“My work as a professional communicator is driven by a commitment to responsible and responsive government and a desire to connect people with information, services, and opportunities that can improve their lives and those of their families. I am an aunt to more than 40 nieces and nephews across two generations, and keeping their futures in mind motivates me greatly in the work I do and the way I lead my life.”

What led you to run for town trustee?

Lucrezi: “I decided to run for town trustee for a few different reasons. One, I’m a big advocate for getting involved with one’s community. I care about my neighbors and this town and am happy to be a public servant. Two, I think it’s important to have various demographics representing a community and its future. At 38 years old, I am able to represent a younger generation, which is not typical for most town boards. Three, I believe if one really wants to make an impact, it means taking action. Taking action for me meant getting involved in town government, learning the process, what’s involved, being a leader, and making educated decisions.”

Jenkins: “I have always been interested in the natural resources of the West, and over the past few years, I have educated myself more about the impacts of continued drought conditions and resulting water availability for communities. Moving forward as a Town Trustee and being part of the Board, I want to be more involved in conversations and policy decisions concerning the stewardship of our resources, including water, especially in the light of town growth and development.”

Cobb: “I care a great deal about how our community moves into the future, and I’d like to contribute to sustaining it as a place that both values our longtime residents and welcomes newcomers; serves our families, children, and seniors well; supports our small businesses and our workforce; maintains our infrastructure; responsibly stewards our natural resources and protects our environment; and wholeheartedly supports our schools and those who work to protect our health and safety. 

“I believe I have relevant government and communications experience to help address our challenges and embrace our opportunities. I’m well suited to the job temperamentally, as I’m approachable, a good listener, an enthusiastic collaborator, and one who seeks common ground upon which to solve problems and advance policies that promote general well being.”

What other public offices have you held before?

Lucrezi: “I was previously an alternate Board member for the Buena Vista Trails Advisory Board (before becoming a Trustee), and depending on your version of ‘public office,’ I’m a Board member and Training Director for Chaffee County Search and Rescue-North.”

Jenkins: “I served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the Town of Buena Vista from 2014-2016. I was Trustee from 2016-2018, and Trustee and Mayor Pro-Tem from 2018-2020. As part of this work, I was Trustee Liaison for the BV Water Board and BV Beautification Committee.”

Cobb: “I’ve not held public office, though I have worked directly for public officials, including a former mayor of Denver, a U.S. Senator, and, as a contractor, a former Governor and former Lieutenant Governor of Colorado.”