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The COVID-19 pandemic is still among us and country-wide regulations on vaccines are beginning. Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) in partnership with the Community Leadership Roundtable is seeking to hear how employers are taking action in their business to minimize COVIDrisk. a business poll has been developed, with questions regarding how they’re addressing issues with employees and customers, and what help they are seeking from leadership at the county and state level.

Chaffee County employers are taking bold and decisive new actions to address the long-running pandemic. Last week Monarch put into place some policy changes which included mandating vaccinations for a select group of employees that works directly with the public, including but not limited to those that interact with unvaccinated children under 12.

The CDC has approved the Pfizer vaccine to protect teens from coronavirus. Photo courtesy CDC and Unsplash.

Ski School Instructors, Ski Patrollers, Cat Skiing Guides, and Administration all must be vaccinated to enjoy full employment benefits and, in some cases, to keep their positions.

CCPH and the Community Leadership Roundtable expect that this is just one example of many, showing the range of steps local employers are taking to manage ongoing Covid-related challenges.

Businesses are asked to take this short poll to help understand the measures being taken or contemplated to address the ongoing health emergency.

Click here to take the poll.