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Site plan for Carbonate Street rental housing in Buena Vista. Image courtesy Fading West

Carbonate Street Phase 1 Receives Unanimous Final Approval

The July 25 Buena Vista Board of Trustees meeting marked a huge milestone for the Carbonate Street project as phase one received its final approval. The passing of Resolution 48 approved the affordability covenants for the project while Resolution 49 approved the development agreement. Deed restrictions are limited to a term of 30 years for the project.

Carbonate Street Rental Apartment project location in Buena Vista. Image courtesy Fading West

Under the development agreement, Fading West will be responsible for the $800,000 construction of a childcare facility.

The town is then obligated for up to $400,000 more should the cost of construction exceed $800,000. Construction on the apartments and the childcare facility is planned to be completed in tandem, with next July as a goal.

There will also be twenty-four apartments available for a master lease. This will allow businesses to rent blocks of up to five units for their employees.

Trustee Devin Rowe moved to approve the affordability covenants with a second from Trustee Gina Lucrezi. Trustee Sue Cobb moved to approve the development agreement with a second from Trustee Cindie Swisher. Both resolutions passed unanimously.

More information on the Carbonate Street Development is available online at my-BVAVV has been following the development of the Carbonate Street development. Check out other related stories here.

Alleyway on Block 25 in South Main Vacated to Enlarge Property for Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club benefited from the results of the trustee’s final public hearing of the night. The trustees voted to approve the town to vacate their right of way in an alley on Block 25 of South Main. This provides an extra five feet of space to the Boys and Girls Club property to fit a full-sized gym into the design.

No citizens spoke during public comment for this hearing. The ordinance passed with a motion from Trustee Rowe for the town to vacate the alley, giving half of the alley to each of the abutting lots. Then Resolution 50 was passed to subdivide the Town’s property and create two new rights of way, thereby providing extra room for the Boys and Girls Club and relocating the alley about five feet to accommodate it.

Consent Agenda Passed

The consent agenda for the meeting was passed unanimously in a roll call vote. This included a resolution to approve a DOLA (Department of Local Affairs) grant application to help pay for infrastructure at The Crossing major subdivision. If awarded, this grant would help to increase the percentage of affordable housing within the subdivision.

Another resolution in the Consent Agenda accepted an agreement with JVA, INC for work on the Buena Vista Infiltration Gallery expansion project.

Staff Reports from Treasurer, Public Works, and Recreation

Town Treasurer Phillip Puckett, Public Works Director Shawn Williams, and Recreation Director Shane Basford delivered staff reports for their respective departments. Puckett noted a decline in gains and sales tax over the last three months, expressing concern about the developing trend though.

Williams reported that Public Works was still searching out a water leak, turning their attention to older water mains that were built in 1964 and 1966 as the most likely suspects.

Basford provided an overview on projects like the Pocket Wave and commended the quick inter-departmental response to vandalism on the softball field that was cleaned up by the end of the day it was discovered.

At the end of the meeting, the Board moved into an executive session to discuss positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiation concerning the Town Administrator candidates.

The full meeting can be viewed on YouTube here.

The 417-page packet for the meeting is accessible online here.