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The Buena Vista Board of Trustees (BOT) will hold their regular bi-monthly meeting this Tuesday, at 7:00 p.m. March 14, in the Pinion Room of the BV Community Center. The meeting is open to the public. Among their agenda items are consideration of a letter of support for the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County and amendments to parts of the municipal code concerning live-work units in BV, and single, and two-family attached dwellings.

Buena Vista Community Center (Image Courtesy of Buena Vista Recreation)

Before public comment, the BOT will consider the consent agenda which will include reports by BV’s Fire and Police Chiefs.

The BOT will then consider Resolution No. 21, Series 2023, reappointing Kelly Collins as a regular voting member and chair, and appointing Jeff Ollinger as a regular voting member of the Water Advisory Board.

The BOT will then propose Letters of Support to be sent to Senator Michael Bennet and Senator Hickenlooper on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County who are seeking “Congressionally Directed Spending” funds according to the BOT packet.

A public hearing will be held regarding amendments to the BV Municipal Code. The BOT will consider three ordinances that seek to define Open Space/Recreation (OSR) zones, live-work use, single-family attached dwellings, and duplexes within BV.

First, the BOT will address Ordinance No.4, Series 2023 and concerns amending sections of the BV municipal code regarding single, and two-family attached dwellings. The ordinance will also address the Old Town overlay zone districts.

Next the BOT will discuss the approval of Ordinance No.5, Series 2023 which would amend parts of the municipal code concerning live-work units in BV.

The BOT will then consider the adoption of Ordinance No. 6, Series 2023 which requests the municipal code be amended for public water facilities in the OSR and I-1 districts.

Once these ordinances are addressed, the BOT will consider a motion to have a hearing on April 25, 2023 regarding architectural design regulations and various other changes to Chapter 19 of the municipal code.

Moving onto the business items of the meeting, the BOT will first discuss the master plan for the BV Rodeo Grounds and Chicago Ranch. The Rodeo Grounds and Chicago Ranch are properties that sit directly beside each other. The Rodeo Grounds are owned by the Town of BV, but Chicago Ranch is owned by Triview Metropolitan District. The BOT will vote on Resolution No. 20, Series 2023 to approve or deny the BV Rodeo Grounds and Chicago Ranch Master Plans.

According to the page 93 of the BOT packet:

“This plan provides general recommendations for the short term and long term priorities for the Rodeo Grounds and Chicago Ranch site. Exact details and specifications for each amenity will be defined in future efforts by the Town and community. The Rodeo Grounds parcel is currently within Town of Buena Vista limits, while the Chicago Ranch parcel is in Chaffee County. The Chicago Ranch parcel is anticipated to be annexed into the Town of Buena Vista through a separate process from this Master Plan. Many of the projects cannot be executed without additional funding sources. It is recommended that the Town of Buena Vista, and the various user groups of this site work together to pursue grant funding for the site.”

Improvement ideas within the master plans include, hiking/walking/horseback riding/biking trails, dog off-leash area trails, sports recreation fields, playgrounds, community facilities, covered pavilions, a bike skills dirt park, events area, and more.

Moving on, the BOT will vote on considering to opt-in to receive additional Colorado Opioid Settlement Distribution Funds from Teva, CVS, Allergan, Walmart, and Walgreens. The deadline to opt-in is April 18, 2023 and all funds must be used for approved purposes.

The final business item will see the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County requesting a Letter of Support be sent to Congresswoman Brittany Pettersen requesting Community Project Funding funds. This letter will seek congressional support of the Boys and Girls Club’s ambitious “Building Great Futures Campaign”.

The Town of BV’s commitment to this campaign is personified with the Boys and Girls Club’s 99-year ground lease that will ensure its future with the BV community. In the Letter of Support pending approval, BV Mayor Libby Fay entreats Congresswoman Pettersen to invest her “energy and influence behind our legacy capital project that puts academic achievement, substance abuse prevention, mental health, and lifetime success within reach of every child”, according to page 178 of the BOT packet.

The BOT meeting will wrap up with staff reports from Town Administrator Lisa Parnell-Rowe and BV Public Works Director Shawn Williams.